How to choose a hotel

There are many factors that will guide and influence the final choice of the hotel or resort you wish to book for your vacation.

We all have our favorite way to book a hotel, some are easier than others.

You can literally spend hours and even days searching for hotel directories and websites to see photos and videos of the hotel facilities and descriptions of the amenities each offer. Certain amenities may be essential for you. If you travel alone, work is easier. But if you travel with other people, keeping everyone happy is not so easy.

Whatever the methods proposed below, one factor will be constant in all research: your budget. It makes no sense to look at a two-week vacation in the Bahamas at a five-star all-inclusive hotel if your budget is $ 1,500 for 2 people!

METHOD 1 – What does it matter?

The first method is to create a list of criteria that will influence your decision to choose a hotel. List all the criteria, of all the people traveling with you, in no particular order. Once this step is over, the hard part comes.

Start organizing the list by placing the most important factors at the top of the list. Then assign a number to each factor. At this point, make sure everyone agrees with the new ordered list. From the list, choose the most important element (your highest priority) and look for that priority on the web. Now it has begun to reduce the list of potential hotels. Then, using the second most important criterion, reduce the list further. Continue with the third most important criteria on your list.


Choose a hotel website, then search for all available hotels in your destination. If the location of the hotel is not important to you, simply sort the list of hotels by star rating. In general, prices are well aligned with the number of stars, so the more stars, the higher the prices. This method allows you to respect your budget quite easily.


Most hotel websites have a map that shows the location of the hotels. This is quite convenient since you can see where the hotel is in relation to the most popular activities. If the website does not offer this option, select the hotel address and use other website mapping services such as Google Maps or Bing Maps to see the specific location of the hotel.

It is a good idea to first determine what area you want to be in. In this way, you will not waste time looking for hotels that are far from your location or your favorite activities. The further you go from the points of interest, the more it will cost you to get there.


If you know the name of the hotel or resort where you want to stay, you can sort the hotel lists alphabetically or simply type the name of the hotel in the website’s search template.

Tips: Once you have found the hotel you want, use a hotel search engine to see what is available and at what rate. Then, go to the hotel website to book directly: most hotels guarantee the lowest rate when you book on your site and will match the lowest price found elsewhere.

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